This 'Pod' Hotel is Revolutionizing the Way American Millennials Travel

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Places to stay around the world keep going up in price, and for many people traveling around America, there aren't many options other than booking a night in an expensive hotel room. Sure, there are many apps that allow you to stay in other people's houses, but their nightly rates can still rival those of traditional hotel rooms. One company has started a unique hotel that brings a 'hostel' living environment to the American travel culture. Called Podshare, there are currently two locations in California, and the system is a membership-based communal living experience. Depending on the location, you can stay a night for US$40 or US$50 per night, which is about half of the price of the cheapest competition in the area.

podshare room[Image Source: Podshare]

There are three rules if you decide to stay here: 1. Don't do drugs, 2. Don't Steal, 3. Don't have sex. Admittedly, all of these rules make a lot of sense when you are staying just feet away from the other guests. You may be thinking that you don't want to live in an environment like this where you are right next to someone else you don't know, after all, you like your privacy right? Well, for the cheapest rate around, you get your own bunk, a TV, towels, outlets, and access to a kitchen and communal bathroom, and the cheap price kind of makes not having privacy worth it.

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The two location hotel has been in business for 4 years, hosting over 5,000 guests throughout that time. Up until this point, American culture has shied away from communal hotel living, for perhaps the only reason that past generations like their privacy and their excess. As millennials are growing up, the state of being constantly connected through childhood is opening their minds to this kind of stay while traveling.

murphey bunks [Image Source: Podshare]

When you start looking into average rent in the area, living in spaces like this, even full time, start to make sense. The average rent in Hollywood California is US$1,898/month for a one bedroom apartment, and if you were to stay in Podshare for a full month, you would only be paying US$1,550. Of course, you lack privacy, but Podshare has everything you need to survive. The goal of the environment is to promote communal living and socialization, perhaps something many need more of. The environment is much like a large college dorm, and once you get used to it, it doesn't seem that bad.

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shared kitchen and living [Image Source: Podshare]

Those who live in the Podshare spaces are called "podestrians," and the company was started by Elvina Beck in 2012, who currently lives in the spaces, according to Tech Insider. She views what she has created as sort of a physical social network, which connects people through their living spaces, allowing real bonds and connections to form rather than superficial online interactions. The business of communal living is still on the rise, and the real success of the industry is still yet to be unseen. Would you stay in Podshare if you were visiting the area?

communal toilet[Image Source: Podshare]

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