Imagine a Pop-up Toilet: Urilift Rises From the Ground

Interesting Engineering

If you spend a lot of time hanging around the streets, you might be faced by one of the most common problems which everyone experiences at least once, finding a toilet! You might even have dreamed about a toilet, appearing over in the corner suddenly, exactly like the pop-up toilet Urilift does.

Urilift International BV is a goal-oriented company which has experience in public sanitary facilities. They produce cool solutions like elevator-ish toilets called Urilady, Urilift, Urivisible, Urilift Combi. They all feature a common attribute, they rise from underground with a hydraulic lift. Sounds magical right? Because they are.

urilady[Image Source: Urilift]

In the day time, most of us find a solution, like using restaurant toilets or even asking the local shops if we can use their toilets in emergency situations, if there is no public toilet around. However, especially after midnight may people are simply resorting to peeing on street corners with the absence of a useable bathroom. It is a growing problem for all cities, which have a ‘fast’ nightlife. In the morning, shop owners are left washing and cleaning the front of their stores, but there is not an easy solution to fight this growing problem.

Foto; Hans van Vlekkert[Image Source: Urilift]

Urilift pop-up toilets solve this problem for all genders. Urilady is a single cabin for the ladies, as we can see above. Urilift has three urinals that rise from underground, as the other one does. The last option, Urilift Combi, is a combination of both. Their system is really easy to use. They all are based on a hydraulic lift. The funnel-like urinals are at the center of the columns.

urilift1[Image Source: Urilift]

The Urilady had some extras, like a mirror and toilet paper. The Urilift is recessed, so men can step into the structure to get some privacy. All of them are wired with overhead lights, and the roofs of the structures are designed to blend with the sidewalk when the toilets are not in service. During the day, all are lowered below street level for a nice and clean look. When it becomes night, an operator comes by with a remote and the facilities hydraulically lift to sidewalk level in about two minutes.

foto; Hans van de Vlekkert[Image Source: Urilift]

It is possible to see the Urilift pop-up toilets in many cities all around the world, like Amsterdam, Guildford, Islington, Esbjerg, Perth, and many city councils are evaluating, if it is necessary for their city or not. They mostly believe that if you compare it with the cleaning process costs, the average price of the products, being US$124,381, is fair enough.

urivisable[Image Source: Urilift]

Besides, they have a self-cleaning technology. Plus, they are Vandalism-resistant and tough facilities as well. As they describe on their website, the company is a partner for all its clients during the entire life of the sanitary facilities it provides.