Portable Wood Powered Hot Tub Takes Relaxation Anywhere

Trevor English

If you love relaxing in a hot tub but rarely find yourself around one when the weather is right, then this portable wood stove hot tub is perfect for you. You could take it glamping or just keep it out back of your house. It requires no electricity, running on passive circulation techniques and a wood fire to keep you nice and warm. Created by Weltevree, the lightweight tub costs about US$6,000, which is comparable to other models.

hot tub[Image Source: Weltevree]

The portable tub only weighs in at 165 pounds, so you and a friend should be able to move and position it. Once positioned, the tub can hold 171 gallons of water to accommodate up to 4 adult people. By lighting a fire inside the external coil, water is heated to temperatures over 100˚F. Since there is no built-in pumping mechanism, users will have to swirl the water around to get it headed up. That doesn't sound like a lot of work considering you now have a luxury portable hot tub.


The product isn't completely new, it has been out for a few years, but it is now available in a variety of colors.This small tub would make the perfect relaxation tool for the cold winter months, or maybe just to help you relax after that hard day at work. If you want to make your own, it is possible, but it will require a significant amount of work. We have attached a DIY video to the bottom of this article to give you some ideas.

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