Professor takes up residence in dumpster for a year

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How far would you go for the good of the environment? Perhaps you recycle or ride a bicycle to work instead of taking the car to do your bit but would you consider moving into a dumpster for a year? That is just what Dr Jeff Wilson from the Huston-Tillotson University decided to do; take an old dumpster, transform it and then live in it for a whole year.


[Image Source: Dumpster Project]

Project Dumpster aims to investigate sustainable living practices as the population is forever increasing while space and resources are decreasing. The dumpster chosen for the project is 33 square feet and Dr Wilson says that it should make people consider what can be done with less space. He hopes that the project will encourage people to talk about it along with bringing out other ideas on the topic.


[Image Source: Dumpster Project]

Of course as he is going to live in it for a year, he had to make sure that there would be enough living space and so, many modifications were made to it. The dumpster has been prepared firstly by being cleaned out thoroughly and then rust proofed. In order for it to offer some degree of warmth it needed insulation and then thought was given to hanging a clothes line for drying clothes along with making a rain garden.


[Image Source: Dumpster Project]

Of course there was the essential installation of a toilet and a false floor was added into the box for storage. Solar panels provide sustainable electrical energy which of course doesn't come with the monthly bill. The "small home" was also given a weather station, air conditioning, pitched roof, its own mailbox and locks. The pockets of the dumpster were sealed to ensure that it could not be mistaken for a trash receptacle that was in use.


[Image Source: Dumpster Project]

Wilson also provided the interior with some furnishings. He moved into his new home in February of this year and he will be living in it for a year at least.






[Image Source: Dumpster Project]


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