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eidos_8[Image Source: Tim Boukley]

Wearable technology is making a new stride forward with the introduction of Project Eidos, a two piece mask that is designed to enhance the wearer’s senses.  The masks, designed by a small team of students from the Royal College of Art & Imperial College London, are broken into two pieces, each with a very different job.

eidos_7[Image Source: Tim Boukley]

Eidos Audio, the lower half of the mask, is designed to shut out all ambient sound while allowing the wearer to focus on incoming sound coming from directly in front of them – much like a parabolic microphone.  While this isn’t the first device to perform a function such as this, it is one of the few (if not the only one) that is completely wearable.

2_eidos_hero[Image Source: Tim Boukley]

Eidos Vision, the top half of the mask, uses a mounted camera on the top of the visor to send a live feed to a nearby computer for processing.  Using an effect similar to long exposure photography, the team takes the feed and overlays it with the previous frames.  This allows the user to analyze the movement in real-time, giving the wearer extra-time to pick up on patterns or actions that might not be caught by the naked eye alone.

Aside from just creating the mask, they've also come up with an interesting list of real world applications for the product.  Eidos Vision could allow the wearer to capture more of the intricacies of sports or performances (such as ballet, gymnastics, soccer, etc.) and provide more entertainment.  Eidos Audio would allow a wearer to focus on certain sounds or events, knocking out distractions and white noise - this would be perfect in classroom settings or musical events where you  would want to be able to hear certain performers or speakers.  Both devices could also provide support to those with deteriorating sight or hearing.

While the technology involved is nothing new, the concept of "wearable" technology still remains innovative.  Though, if were going to be wearing something like this in the future, we might want to shrink the sizes down to something a little more rational and stylish.


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