Puma Re- Releases its 'Nerdiest Shoe': the 1986 RS-Computer

Puma has taken a cult shoe, the 1986 RS-Computer, from the 80s and have updated it for 2018 with all its retro charm.
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If you happened to pick up a pair of Puma RS Computer sneakers in 1986 today is your lucky day.

The RS Computer or Running System sneakers have been released to the world and, if you are lucky as well as fast enough, you can get yourself an updated pair before the year ends.

Puma and 1986

The Puma RS Computer sneakers were released during an interesting time. In 1986, the computer frenzy was at all time, personal computers were starting to appear everywhere, and there was a strong belief in the air that everyone at some point would buy an Amiga or Apple computer.

These computers for your feet were going to take you into the future and pair perfectly with your brand new computer.

The Puma RS-Computers were in fact far ahead of their time allowing wearers to actually track the recorded time, distance, and calories expended.

However, for you to retrieve that or even “share” it with your peers, you had to plug your shoe into any Apple IIE, Commodore 64 using a 16-pin cord.


The data was collected in a custom built computer chip attached to the OG RS-Computer sneakers heel housed in a TPU to protect the chip from any damage. The 1986 Puma shoe shared the same goals as some of the most common sneakers you find on the market today.

As stated by Puma, “The computer on the heel of the RS (Running System) translated data and gave runners the ability to compare past runs with future goals, learning and understanding how to become faster, more efficient, and competitive.

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The 2018 Puma RS-Computer

The new and approved Puma RS-Computer sneaker has been updated to fit the modern landscape but with all of the retro charm from its design in the 80s.

Puma Re- Releases its 'Nerdiest Shoe': the 1986 RS-Computer
Source: Puma

Do not worry about getting your hands on an old Commodore 64, the RS- Computer is charged using USB.

Puma Re- Releases its 'Nerdiest Shoe': the 1986 RS-Computer
Source: Puma

Even more so, the sneaker itself has been decked out with Bluetooth technology that allows wearers to connect to an Android or iOS smartphone.

The Puma RS-Computer has an 8-bit, styled dedicated app that can track all your standard health data including the number of steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned.

Puma Re- Releases its 'Nerdiest Shoe': the 1986 RS-Computer
Source: Puma

If you want to get your hands on a pair, you are going to have to be very lucky. There will only be 86 pairs released to the general public, with each of the shoes numbered from 1-86 and in the original colorway.

They will be out December 13th of this year.  

Does anyone have an old pair of 1986 RS Computers laying around?

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