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The dreamy island of New Zealand offers spectacular and lush views to visitors. However, hotels often mean an hour of travel to and from nature. The PurePod wants to put people in the center of that nature with five-star luxury.

The Purepod serves as a glass luxury residence. Guests have a nearly 360 degree view of prime New Zealand countryside.

At $490 per night, the Pure Pod is definitely not for the low-budget backpacker. Both isolated and stylish, the PurePod exists well off the grid and has little energy needs.

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"PurePods are designed to ensure that you experience nature’s show vividly, utilizing all of your senses whilst remaining sheltered in luxury. The effect is incredible. The stress of life disappears, the wonder at nature’s power and subtlety reconnects us with ourselves and our partners. The privacy, the isolation of a tiny glass hut completely surrounded by nature – the sky, the hills, the sea, the birds, the bush – takes you to another world."

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By pulling back the sliding doors on each three sides, the home becomes a huge porch. To retreat back into isolation, simply slide the doors back into place. There's no WiFi, TV, air conditioning or hair dryer, but what the PurePod 'lacks' it certainly makes up for in scenery.

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PurePods offer the same architectural design in three unique areas of New Zealand. Each pod is just far enough away from the city of Christchurch, but close enough for a trip should you need one. The eco-friendly PurePod uses bio-fuel for the heating system. Even in the snowy winter, you can relax in a totally dry and warm space.

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Minimalist Luxury in Maximum Beauty

It includes a solar-powered fridge and LED lights. As one of the most environmentally transparent buildings in the world, it's designed to collect rainwater and feed the native plants, using local water to minimize using non-renewable sources as well.

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The pods offer other luxuries like local food delivery, and guides and reference books about surrounding hiking trails.

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For your next unforgettable adventure,  you can check all details here. The website even comes equipped with plenty of reviews from guests across the globe.

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