Putin Still Uses Windows XP, and Looks like He Gives No Damn

Putin doesn't trust the internet or smartphones, but looks like he trusts his Windows XP computer a lot.
Nursah Ergü
The photo credit line may appear like thiskremlin.ru

We know that Putin has a deep interest in Soviet cars, but it seems like cars aren't the only vintage thing that Putin likes; he has one of the oldest versions of Windows on his computer; Windows XP.

Moreover, Microsoft stopped providing security updates for Windows XP in 2014, which makes it easier to hack Putin's computer. This is actually kind of odd when you think of all the worldwide hacking operations carried on by Russian hackers; it's even odder that no one has thought about warning Putin about cyber-attacks. 


In images released by his press service, it can be seen that Putin, who's 67, obviously a "boomer", has Windows XP operating system both on his computer in Kremlin and at his official Novo-Ogaryovo residence near Moscow.

Putin Still Uses Windows XP, and Looks like He Gives No Damn
Source: kremlin.ru

Open Media realized this detail from the photos published by the Kremlin press office this fall.

Putin is also known for his distrust of the internet, which may arise from the cyber-attack risks happening all around the world. This distrust even made its way into Russian law; in May, he approved a plan that aims to create a Russia-only internet with a new domain name system, which will be isolated from other parts of the world and will be only accessible within the country, thus will protect Russia against the cyber-attacks and cyberwars in the world. 

President Putin also doesn't have a cellphone. In 2010, he said if he had one "it would ring all the time" and in 2014, Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Putin doesn't have a cellphone and he prefers other types of communication.

Clearly, Putin has no trust for technology, the internet or smartphones, but it's weird for someone who's this skeptical uses Windows XP, which is obviously not so safe, on his computers. Maybe he has a valid reason for this, which we don't know yet. 


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