Qatar's sustainable stadium is 100% dismountable and made of shipping containers

The stadium's name is also a nod to the country's dialing code.
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Qatar Stadium  974
Qatar Stadium 974


Qatar announced a stadium that will be taken apart and put back together somewhere else for the World Cup.

Stadium 974, a 40,000-seat stadium created by Spanish architects Fenwick Iribarren Architects and constructed from repurposed shipping containers and modular steel, has been completed in Doha.

The construction, formerly known as the Ras Abu Aboud Stadium, will be the first entirely demountable stadium in World Cup history.

Stadium 974 was built in Qatar and is named after the nation's dialing code and the number of ocean shipping containers that were utilized in its construction. Qatar has hailed Stadium 974 as a pioneering example of big event sustainability.

The new stadium is rumored to be constructed primarily from recycled or recyclable materials and will be taken down and moved after the 2022 World Cup ends in December, when the stadium will no longer be required. Putting aside the much-discussed worries over human rights abuses against migrant construction workers in Qatar, the stadium is said to be built.

Between the opening day on November 21 and the championship final on December 18, 2022, 64 matches featuring 32 national teams will be played at 64 different World Cup stadiums, including Stadium 974.

According to Bodour Al-Meer, head of sustainability for the local organizing committee in Qatar, Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, the nation aims to strike a balance between development and the environment.

"Qatar is a small and rapidly developing country, and hosting the World Cup has accelerated our national development plans," Al-Meer said at a recent virtual conference on "regenerative sporting events."

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"Our vision for our country is to have harmony between economic growth, social development, and environmental protections," she said. "The environmental section of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Sustainability Strategy is perfectly aligned with our national goals."

Eight World Cup stadiums, including Stadium 974, will host 64 games involving 32 national teams from the tournament's opening day on November 21 to the championship game on December 18, 2022.

The Qatari Supreme Committee has stated that the 2022 World Cup will ultimately be a carbon-neutral event, in line with international event organizer FIFA.

Its sustainability policy paper emphasizes emissions reduction, energy-efficient stadiums, affordable transportation, and environmentally friendly waste management techniques. Additionally, it was stated in the document that "remaining unavoidable emissions will be offset.""

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