Quirky round home built on mango farm for $9,000

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When Steve Areen went to Thailand to visit his friend, Hajjar Gibran, he probably had no idea that the visit would lead to him to building his own home on his friend’s mango farm. However this is just what he did, he built a quirky round home with a small footprint, which came in at a little under $9,000.

All done! ...Yeah, right! HaHa![Image Source: Steve Areen]

The construction of the home was designed by Gibran himself, who built a series of the dome houses on his retreat in northeast Thailand. His friend Steve liked them so much that he wanted to live in one and the basic structure of the home cost him just $6,000. Stonework, furnishings, the structure for upstairs along with building a pond and landscaping, adding another $3,000 onto the total bill.

25-Thai-dining[Image Source: Steve Areen]

Not only is this an affordable home, it is also a fun solution to building a home and it looks great and is of strong construction. The round house was constructed from time efficient cement blocks along with bricks made from clay.

2-Tiny-home-construction[Image Source: Steve Areen]

Hajjar bought a compressed earth brick press to use on building houses with sustainable builds in the future and at the same time he is developing an entirely new system that will help with building cellular concrete, this will be used in homes with colder climates as they offer better insulation.

Sure is getting lush around my dome home.[Image Source: Steve Areen]

When looking at the round house from the outside, it does remind you of something that could come straight out of the Shire, home to the Hobbits, albeit with a doorway that is more oval than it is round. Huge windows were built into the home and this allows plenty of light to enter into the room and also offers a feeling of there being more open space.

8-Arch-window[Image Source: Steve Areen]

Steve's jungle bathroom!! The round stone work in the center is my shower.[Image Source: Steve Areen]

The inside of the house has been decorated with simple home comforts and hues that are warm looking. The furniture on the floor level gives a feeling of there being more headroom than there is and it offers a laid back easy way of life feel. The basin, vanity shelf and faucet are of a simple design and it is this that makes them beautiful.

21-Kitchen-sink[Image Source: Steve Areen]

11-Skylight[Image Source: Steve Areen]

Glass ceiling domes were added to the house to allow plenty of light to enter, while cut glass spheres hang from the skylights so that the sun reflects off them and creates rainbows of light on the interior walls of the home.