Rahmi Koc Museum: a Daily Journey Into Industrial Legacy For Engineers

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Defined as the mirror of the industrial legacy, Rahmi Koc Museum offers a huge collection of mechanical, industrial, scientific and engineering monuments all in one.

For anyone traveling to Istanbul, Turkey, Rahmi Koc Museum serves as one of the must-see places. You could spend an entire day there. The museum is surrounded by historical vehicles like trains, planes, submarines, cars and boats. Inside, the museum holds amazing scientific instruments, engines and mechanical devices.

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The museum covers roughly 27,000 square meters on the northern shore of the Golden Horn, an anchor factory and shipyard from the Byzantine Empire. The historical Lengerhane is the first building of the museum, considered as a second-tier historical trace, which was an Ottoman anchor house based on a Byzantium building from the 12th century. The second historical settlement, the Haskoy Dockyard, includes 14 restored buildings and was founded in 1861 by the Ottoman Sea Line Company for repairing and mainting their ships.

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Since its creation in 1994, the Rahmi Koc Museum is one of the most amazing places in Istanbul dedicated to the history of the industry, engineering, and science. Its massive collection gets larger every day.

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The collection covers thousands of scientific instruments like full-scale steam engines, classic motorcycles, and communication devices. It also includes computers, full-scale trains, cars, gramophone needles, bicycles, and toys exhibited in different sections.

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Museum contains different sections such as machinery, road transport, navigation, aviation, communication, scientific devices, and rail transport vehicles. All include amazing samples of specific innovations in engineering and science fields.

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The machinery section of the museum includes astonishing devices. One of the biggest features? A wood saw made by steel engineering firm P&W MacLellan. The section also has a Marshall Portable Engine manufactured by Marshall Sons & Co circa 1910.

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The museum also showcases pioneering vehicles such as a Malden Steam Car dating from 1898, an Albion A10 X-Ray Ambulance that was used by the British Army during WWI, Ford Model T cars, and a truly rare 1965 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. The collection also includes a Magirus Fire Engine which was produced in the Kühler Factory in Germany on 1922, a Penny Farthing bicycle, introduced in the early 1870’s in England.

rahmi-koc-museum-1[Image Source: Rahmi Koc Museum]

Besides of the hundreds of monumental pieces to see, the Rahmi Koc Museum offers unforgettable free events to its visitors. Guests can drop into a submarine, planes or a ferry boat, and an exciting floating sheerleg is available as well.

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The museum is also a great place to spend time with kids. They can explore historical toys, model trains, hang around in a living history section, or enjoy the beauty of planetarium. During spring and summer, the museum is offering a brief boat tour through the Golden Horn on board. Visitors could also have a breakfast or a coffee on a historical boat aboard the 'Mirror of the Industrial Legacy.'

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