Reasons Why Engineers are Single

Engineers are typically known to be introverted nerdy people, which presents some issues when it comes to finding a significant other.
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In terms of job stability, engineering is where it is at, but as a whole, the analytical and task-oriented minds of engineers can keep us from getting into a relationship. Let's look at some relatable yet true reasons why engineers may be single.

We spend our days building things like this

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As engineers, we spend our free time a little differently than everyone else in the world. We enjoy tinkering and building machines, which generally does not interest others.

Engineers aren't the strongest

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Focusing on CAD designs and manufacturing generally leave engineers with little time for the gym. That means that bench pressing anything more than the bar is just a dream for most engineers. It's very clear that the machine above was created by an introverted engineer who both didn't want to have to socialize with a spotter and can't lift weights. Go engineering.

We build robots for everything - even dating

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This robot is fantastic, and it will drastically improve your odds of someone responding to you on Tinder. When you're an engineer, you don't have time to be selective, that's why building a robot that swipes right for you is the path you need to take.

Our coordination is, well, lacking...

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Normally you can impress a potential mate by doing some impressive trick, like a flip. However, engineers can't do things like this, so we have to stick to writing a series of equations that plot out a heart on our graphing calculators. Romantic.

Even when we do exercise, we don't do it normally

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We can't just ride a normal bike, no, that would be boring. Instead, we build ourselves seemingly impressive contraptions, that bring us joy, but make us look weird and a little cooky to others.

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Cooking usually involves fire

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If you find a significant other who loves Chinese takeout or the occasional homemade burnt chicken, marry them. Engineers are great at a lot of things, but cooking is usually not one of them.

We overcalculate

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Instead of being spontaneous and exciting, we have to write everything down and take our time for each decision. While this is a smart way to do your taxes and manage your checkbook, it usually isn't the best in the dating realms.

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