Redditor Learns Game Development to Create the Game of His Dreams

The game took three and a half years to complete.
Loukia Papadopoulos

We all love playing games, but what can you do if the game you dream of playing does not exist? That is what happened to one Redditor.

KebbabDotF wanted to play a very specific game that existed only in his mind. So he did something quite extraordinary.


Dungeons of the Fallen 

He learned gamedev and developed the game he now calls Dungeons of the Fallen. "Dungeons of the Fallen is a boss-oriented hack&slash with a classic feel that can be played up to four players on one PC," said the KebbabDotF in a Reddit post.

"The story is simple and graphics minimalistic, but the gameplay is detailed and challenging. Not only do you have to carefully pick your spells and items but also read the boss patterns in a soullike manner. And yes, prepare to die a lot."

KebbabDotF said it took him three and a half years of working on weekends and evenings to complete the game. That is a total of approximately 4000 hours.

He added that Dungeons of the Fallen was made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5+.  He also revealed that he bought some UI or character portraits online but had to learn some pixelart in order to make the monsters.

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A dream come true

It is clear that KebbabDotF put a lot of work and dedication into his dream game, and we have to give him credit for that. In fact, KebbabDotF finished his online post by saying it was his dream to become a game developer someday.

"Who knows maybe someday I will be able to work as a full-time gamedev as some of you guys (I envy you so much) but right now, I simply can't afford it. However, even though making a game after a daily grind is hard, I love it too much to stop. The simple fact that I have my own game on Steam is a dream come true :)," said the intrepid Redditor.

We believe he has the skills, passion, and determination to make his dreams come true. Don't you?

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