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If you are sat comfortably at home thinking it's time to go to the gym you could be tempted not to move. Of course if you want to keep up with your fitness plan then you have to move. This could change if you are sat in the TAO Chair though. The chair made an appearance at this year's CES and it is said that it will provide a dynamic workout for your target zones and all from the comfort of your living room.

[Image Source: TAO Wellness]

The TAO Chair is from TAO-Wellness and it follows on from the TAO WellShell which also showed up at the CES last year. The TAO Chair does happen to be one of the best looking chairs that we have seen and it is TAO's way of combatting the issue of being sat down for long periods of time. While the chair on show wasn’t the final design, it did show off the main parts of the exercise chair; the arms.

[Image Source: TAO Wellness]

The chair is made from aluminium, but this could change when it gets to final production, and the arms of it look similar to metal ribbons that have been bent extremely. It is the arms of the chair that TAO say will identify the target areas, including the butt, thighs, core and arms. Different parts of the chair can be used to hold and brace against, pull or push, tensing up the muscles. You can then hold that position while continuing to watch TV, read or just unwind.

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The designer of the TAO Chair said that it isn't supposed to take over from the gym but work alongside it. The main thing is that it promotes health and offers a way of exercising while being at home watching TV or reading. It also doesn't take up any time and it doesn't need the energy that is required at the gym or when running.

[Image Source: TAO Wellness]

The TAO Chair comes with an app for mobiles and this will help to coach you through different exercises. The chair comes with a digital display built into it which shows the amount of calories burned and the total amount since you began using the chair.

[Image Source: TAO Wellness]

TAO plan on finalising the design of the TAO Chair this year and the price tag is expected to be below US$1,000.

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