Retro 1956 kitchen remains untouched for 50 years

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Usually those who purchase an outdated home set about redesigning it to bring it up to modern standards. However when Nathan Chandler, designer and creator, bought a home that hadn’t been touched for 50 years he left the kitchen as he found it, a retro 1956 kitchen.

[Image Source: Nathan Chandler]

Chandler doesn’t know why the kitchen was sealed in 1956 and remained untouched for so long but the interior elements, such as the cooker, freezer and decorations were just as they had been many years ago.

[Image Source: Nathan Chandler]

This included the manuals that were still attached to the appliances and everything in the kitchen was decorated in pink.


[Image Source: Nathan Chandler]

time-capsule-kitchen-60s-nathan-chandler-furniture-16[Image Source: Nathan Chandler]


[Image Source: Nathan Chandler]

The stovetop has the old school type cover and it comes with old school buttons.

time-capsule-kitchen-60s-nathan-chandler-furniture-1[Image Source: Nathan Chandler]

time-capsule-kitchen-60s-nathan-chandler-furniture-14[Image Source: Nathan Chandler]

The freezer has been mounted so that it's mounted at eye level, so no bending or struggling to see the contents. It also looks just like a cabinet.

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time-capsule-kitchen-60s-nathan-chandler-furniture-2[Image Source: Nathan Chandler]

time-capsule-kitchen-60s-nathan-chandler-furniture-9[Image Source: Nathan Chandler]

The oven is pink to match the rest of the décor and it still has the manuals from the 1950s with it.

time-capsule-kitchen-60s-nathan-chandler-furniture-15[Image Source: Nathan Chandler]

time-capsule-kitchen-60s-nathan-chandler-furniture-8 [Image Source: Nathan Chandler]

The dishwasher is from the 1950s and it pulls out all the way for easy filling and even came with old packaging dish detergent.

time-capsule-kitchen-60s-nathan-chandler-furniture-10[Image Source: Nathan Chandler]

time-capsule-kitchen-60s-nathan-chandler-furniture-7[Image Source: Nathan Chandler]

time-capsule-kitchen-60s-nathan-chandler-furniture-3[Image Source: Nathan Chandler]

Would you be happy to leave the kitchen as it is dating back to the 1950s with old style fittings, fixings and appliances or would you be tempted to bring it into the 21st century?

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