Ridiculously Easy Math Challenge Stumps the Internet

Will you fall for it? Or will you not?
Derya Ozdemir
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Some questions can be the hardest in the way that they look just so easy. Tricky questions are those that seem to be simple at first sight but are actually quite easy to answer wrong. And then, when you learn the answer, you begin to question your whole life, thinking about how you could have missed something so easy.

One such question has been resurrected by TikTokers, as reported by Popular Mechanics, and is now dividing the internet into two, with the first group being those who got it at the first try and the second being those who were absolutely sure that they got it right, but were actually mistaken.

This addition problem looks easy and it is easy; however, the exact same thing tricks people into finding the wrong answer.

Now, look at the image above and give it a try. It is as straightforward as it gets, you only need to add up the numbers, which are 1,000, 40, 1,000, 30, 1,000, 20, 1,000, and 10.


It is easy enough that you won't need a calculator, you can add them up from the top of your head.

It is probable that you've come up with 5,000, but we are sorry to say that the correct answer is actually 4,100. If you found it from the get-go, congratulations! 

Did you fall for it?

When adding the numbers one by one, most people seem to have fallen into the same trick. When trying to do the math quickly in your head, the part where you add the last 10 to the figure is where it gets complicated.

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As demonstrated by TikTokers who've failed the challenge, the brain tends to overlook the zero and come up with 5,000 when the correct sum is 4,100.


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Did you fell for it? Or did you not? It is surprisingly easy to fall for it while doing fast-paced mental math problems. If you're interested in seeing more, you can check out these math problems that went viral and divided the internet.

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