Laurent Rosset Turns Landscapes into Surreal Waves

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Artist Laurent Rosset captures pictures of magnificent landscapes which appear to curl off towards infinity like an incredible wave that reaches out towards the sky.

wave 1[Image Source: Laurent Rosset]

Rosset describes himself as a dreamer and a perfectionist. He is inspired to create new things, and find answers to questions about the world we live in

 "I believe in hard work but not without hard fun. I believe in true love,"

Says Laurent,

"Architecture is about ideas and drawings. I guess that ideas are one of the most powerful virus for people. Once you know about something or you see something you will have this idea in your mind forever. I like to see problems and create solutions, I like to understand what people like in architecture and surprise them with something more. I like to have my shape of mind but I know that we are always learning something new every day. Create your Dream, Follow it and Live it!"

Rosset uses tricky camera angles and some incredible manipulation techniques to create his magnificent works. He holds a Bachelors as well as a Masters in Architecture. Creation is Rosset's specialty, from designing a building or making a photo app, to creating magnificent artistic works, Laurent is always sure to impress. You can see his incredible gallery below, as well as on his Instagram.

rosset-snow [Image Source: Laurent Rosset]way-back [Image Source: Laurent Rosset]Sky-flat-2 [Image Source: Laurent Rosset]Reflection[Image Source: Laurent Rosset]

You can see more of Rosset's works at

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