Rotten Potatoes Can Apparently Run DOOM

It takes a while, but this guy figures out how to run it on (now decomposing) potatoes.
Utku Kucukduner

You know, for a generation of computer enthusiasts, one question was all the rage: "But can it run Crysis?" Nowadays though, we came a full circle and now want to run id Software's 1993 cult classic DOOM.

We have seen people run DOOM on a pregnancy test, we have seen DOOM on a Win95 PC emulated inside Minecraft and whatnot. But this YouTuber that goes by the name Equalo thought it was too mainstream to run DOOM on conventional devices. What did he do? He went with potatoes.


Potatoes have an electrical potential, this isn't new info to write home about. Some of us even had a science experiment in elementary school where they powered a lamp with potatoes. In the video, the guy explains how this process works really well.

But the first problem he ran into was about the power output of potatoes — it simply wasn't that strong. Thus he went with a Raspberry Pi Zero, which eats up relatively low amounts of power — roughly 100 to 120 mA (about 5 volts). He tried different strains of potatoes and Russet potatoes performed the best.

He gets to work with building a grid of potatoes to get a 10 mA power. He also divides potatoes into bits because each piece, regardless of their size, gives off the same amount of energy. At this point, he does simple math and realizes he needs 770 bits of potatoes for a 100 mA output.

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You need to see the video for yourself to appreciate the ludicrousness of the situation at hand. He discovers that boiling the potatoes to break off the starch increases the amperage and proceeds to boil and grid 100 pounds of potatoes (45 kg). He runs into a brick wall after this much potatoes don't cut it, and boy, as if spending a week with 100 pounds of potatoes lying around isn't enough, they begin to grow mold.

We would reveal the solution he comes up with, but where's the fun in that, go watch the video to find out for yourself.


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