Round 2: Elon Musk now says he will fight Putin using only his left hand

Without seeking any martial arts training.
Ameya Paleja

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has doubled down on his previous proposal to duel with Russian President Vladimir Putin by offering to fight him using only one hand. The new offer came shortly after a Putin loyalist told Musk that he was no match for the Russian President. 

Earlier this week, Musk had invited the Russian President to single combat with the country of Ukraine at stake. Putin hasn't commented on the offer, but that didn't stop people from talking about it; and it is not just Tesla fans, but also a pro-Russia leader in Chechnya.  

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Response from a Putin defender

Ramazan Kadyrov, a Chechnyan leader, took to Telegram to belittle Musk's challenge to Putin. Warning Musk that he was no match for Putin who "inspired awe in the West," Kadyrov said that Musk would get the hell beaten out of him if he were to face Putin right now. 

Kadyrov further went on to call Musk, Elona, a feminine name, since he was only a businessman and a Twitter user, and advised him to take up training in one of the centers in Chechnya where he could "pump up those muscles" and "learn to take a punch" and get "nerves of steel."

Musk's counter offer

In his retort, Musk shared Kadyrov's original message along with a translation, and added:

Interesting to see is that not only did Musk sign off this tweet with the new name Kadyrov gave him, he has also changed the display name for his account. 

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Apart from the verbal banter, Elon Musk's SpaceX is providing satellite internet services in Ukraine and has also offered to stand in to keep the International Space Station (ISS) afloat in case the Russian Space Agency withdraws its support in the face of Western sanctions.