Rowdy Robotic Vacuum Makes Couple Think There is an Intruder and Call 911

The police responded within a minute of the cool to discover the little electronic intruder.
Loukia Papadopoulos

A North Carolina couple lived a funny adventure over the holidays that was shared on social media by the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office. The man and his wife were watching a movie when they suddenly heard loud noises coming from downstairs.


Calling 911

The two immediately called 911 and went to hide. Thomas Milam, the husband, went to get his gun and hoped that his 2-year-old daughter sleeping in her room would not wake up.

Terrified, they waited for the police as the noise just got louder. "Someone was definitely downstairs rummaging through things, and it sounded close to us," said Milam in his post.

He then began to prepare his next course of action by deciding to put his military training into use. "All my military training came back to me. I started analyzing the path the intruder would take, their line of fire if they entered the room in certain ways, and where we should be to decrease our risk of getting hurt."

Luckily the police arrived within a minute of the call. They were shouting "Sheriff's office!"

After a little while, the police dispatcher told Milam to put down his gun and go talk to the officers. When Milam got downstairs the cop said: "Sir, I have one question..." 

Is this ROOMBA yours?

To which Milam replied. Sure." The officer then said, "Is this ROOMBA yours?"

It turns out the couple had bought a robotic vacuum. Not only had it come two days earlier but it had also turned itself on and started vacuuming.

Milam was embarrassed, no less because he was in his boxer shorts, but he was also really grateful. 

"In honor of this event, we decided to name our robot vacuum Harry, the sticky bandit from Home Alone. Thank you to the Sheriff's office for saving us from Harry, at least we know your response time is lightning fast. We love and appreciate you, and have the utmost respect for what you do," wrote Milam.

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