Russian Influencer Sets His $150k Mercedes Ablaze, Goes Viral

Apparently, he was very dissatisfied with how the authorized dealership handled the situation.
Utku Kucukduner
The photo credit line may appear like thisЛИТВИН/YouTube

YouTuber Mihail Litvin (aka. Misha) has quite a big following online with 4.97 mn followers on YouTube and 11.3 on Instagram he's one of the biggest in Russia actually. In his latest video, Litvin ignited his vehicle and watched it burn, for a good reason according to him. Apparently, he was very dissatisfied with how the problems he had with his GT 63 S-1 were handled by the authorized dealership he got the car from, which costs about $150,000. 


Apparently, he experienced problem after problem with his car, and took it to Mercedes' authorized dealership repeatedly to no avail. What's more, according to him, the dealership refused to help after a few visits.

The car spent more than 40 days in repair in total. At some point, they had to order a part from Germany for which Litvin himself paid for. Still, there was a problem with the fuel and the gearbox was overheating, according to Russian news agency VC.

He tried to reach out to Mercedes's Instagram account, but nobody returned his calls. They even closed their comments for a while. So he wanted to return the car to the dealership, after all, it was a new car and it has a proper warranty, right. Well, that would work under normal circumstances but his car wasn't eligible for warranty after the part change we just mentioned.

Weary, Litvin took it to a private mechanics shop. He claims the car was repaired in two hours there. And interestingly, he claims that the mechanics there found off-brand parts installed by the dealer.

So with no claims in his hands and a reluctance to give the brand publicity, he decided to set it ablaze. The video's caption reads "I thought for a long time what to do with my Shark after the conflict with Mercedes ... In my opinion, the idea is FIRE! That's all ... The end"


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