Intentional RV Bomb in Nashville Injures 3, Causes FAA to Shut Down Flights

Investigation into the incident is being led by the FBI.
Trevor English

At 6:30 AM on Christmas morning in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, a recreational vehicle (RV) exploded causing widespread damage

The explosion immediately set off a massive inter-organization investigation involving local police, the FBI, and the ATF. 

Police initially responded to a report of shots fired early in the morning when they came across the large RV playing a warning over a loudspeaker of a bomb detonating in 15 minutes. This alarming discovery sparked local police to go door to door to get people to evacuate the area. 

Shortly after its discovery, the RV exploded, setting cars nearby on fire and pelting buildings nearby with debris. Windows were shattered many blocks away. 

Thankfully, the explosion mainly did structural damage and only 3 people were taken to local hospitals with reportedly minor injuries. In addition to structural damage, the blast also interrupted AT&T's cellular network, as their central exchange office was just blocks away. 

The blast also sparked the Federal Aviation Administration to halt flights out of Nashville International Airport, though this was largely due to the communication outages that the blast caused.


Enforcement agencies are continuing the investigation into the intentional blast, with the FBI taking lead, according to a spokesperson. So far, the agencies do not appear to have a suspect for the bombing, though there are some reports that human remains have been found near the site.

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