Samsung Offers a First Look at their 2020 TV Lineup

Samsung previewed their 2020 TV lineup with an emphasis on AI, bezels, and an enhanced consumer experience.
John Loeffler

Samsung gave a preview of their latest consumer technology for 2020, with an emphasis on screen design, 8K displays, and high-end televisions.

Will 2020 be the 8K TV's tipping point?

Samsung Offers a First Look at their 2020 TV Lineup

Samsung introduced their 2020 flagship television, the 8K Q950 QLED television, at the Samsung The First Look event Sunday night. A flat-back display, the Q950 pushes the edge of the viewable screen nearly to the edge of the TV's bezel, making the front display 99% fully-viewable screen in an effort to create a kind of infinity-screen effect for the TV when viewed from an average distance. Also, A.I. upscaling technology of The Wall  generates incredibly sharp images even in massive sizes. Almost every gadget and product of Samsung are well known for their incredible screen resolution, but still, they manage to go one step further every year.

Consumer choice of voice assistance integrated into all 2020 Samsung TVs

Samsung also announced that on all new Samsung televisions starting this year, consumers will have more choice when it comes to the digital assistants their televisions use. The consumer can use Samsung's Bixbi assistant, Google Assistant, or Amazon's Alexa right out of the box.

Samsung's lifestyle TV line-up is expanding

Samsung Offers a First Look at their 2020 TV Lineup

Samsung is launching a new TV model called the Sero, the first TV on the market that will be able to display video in both landscape and portrait mode, depending on how you have your TV rotated. Yes, I said rotated. Similar to Apple's new monitor for their MacPro desktop system, The Sero can physically rotate to mimic the way we look at our smartphone screens, which is especially useful since a lot of videos are shot on a smartphone in portrait mode. Thanks to Samsung's The Sero, you won't have to look at those stupid black bars on the side.