Samsung, Panasonic Debuted Jetbot90AI+ Cleaner, 110" microLED TV, and More

Samsung and Panasonic aim to personalize smart home management with AI, and more.
Trevor English

Samsung is always one of the hottest presentations at CES, and this year is no different. During its presentation, the company took on the challenge of helping the world achieve not just a "new, but a better normal" in the age of pandemics and crisis. Through Samsung's AI and smart technology innovation, it hopes to build users' homes into their own, private sanctuaries.

Panasonic is also pushing bespoke technology of its own — with an emphasis on air purifiers capable of preventing infections — including the COVID-19 virus — from causing home in contained spaces.


UPDATE Jan. 11, 10:30 AM EST: Samsung's JZ2000 OLED 4K TV, super low-latency, AI optimization

The JZ2000 OLED — announced just before CES2021 — will be Panasonic’s flagship 4K TV for 2021. The TV boasts super low-latency for gaming and even AI-powered picture optimization in real-time. The input lag is even down to 14.4 ms for a seamless gaming experience.

UPDATE Jan. 11, 10:25 AM EST: V2X open safety platform

Panasonic’s V2X platform will allow vehicles to communicate with the department of transportation servers to streamline the flow of traffic and improve emergency response. The system offers an interface for connected automobiles to interface with external systems, which is vital to smart cities and smart roadways of the future.

UPDATE Jan. 11, 10:20 AM EST: Panasonic's Spydr car computer

Panasonic announced the Spydr car computer ecosystem at CES 2021. This next-generation e-cockpit device creates a cohesive ecosystem for the automotive space. The system can power up to 11 displays. The Spydr system is what Panasonic sees as the system that will power the future of automotive technology.

UPDATE Jan. 11, 10:18 AM EST: World’s first virtual safari at Illuminarium

Panasonic has partnered with Illuminarium — an environmental attraction and event company — to create the world’s first virtual safari. The safari allows visitors to experience wild animals up-close and personal, all on Panasonic’s premiere projector line, of course.

UPDATE Jan. 11, 10:15 AM EST: Hussman Smart Exchange Locker

Hussman, a division of Panasonic, created a smart exchange locker for grocery pick-up that even has refrigerated storage for groceries. This exchange locker allows for seamless — and contactless — grocery pickup in stores that utilize the tech; something particularly useful in the age of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

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Panasonic's Nanoe X air purification

Panasonic has developed an air-filtration technology — capable of inhibiting the spread of viruses and bacteria in the air, including the COVID-19 coronavirus. Called "Nanoe X air purification," the patented technology uses nano-technology to filter out air pollutants, while always remaining whisper-quiet. The technology can be implemented into existing heating and air ventilation systems, helping improve indoor air quality.

Samsung's 'Bespoke' fridge line

Samsung’s idea of a "better normal for all" starts with some of its new technology. Of note is the company's new fridge and kitchen line, called "Bespoke," which is arguably one of the most stylish kitchen appliances to ever hit the market. This fridge line allows for customization and modularity, making one's fridge more of a style choice than just another appliance.

Samsung 110 Inch TV
Samsung's new ultra-large microLED TV. Source: Samsung

Samsung’s TV lineup, 110-inch microLED

Samsung announced a new ultra-large microLED TV, that is available in sizes up to 110 inches (279.4 cm).

Samsung 110 Inch TV Close-Up
The new TV can split into four smaller screens. Source: Samsung

While this raises the question of who on Earth could or should want a screen this large, Samsung has answered with a new use case that might make it more feasible. Its software allows the TV to be split up into four smaller screens, perfect for multitasking.

Samsung Bespoke Fridge
The IoT is hitting the kitchen harder now than ever before. Source: Samsung

SmartThings kitchen

Samsung is focused heavily on software in the kitchen. The company's new apps and connected software integrate meal planning into the refrigerator, allowing users to make grocery lists and even have the groceries delivered through partner apps. The internet of things has hit the kitchen harder than ever before thanks to Samsung’s new tech.

Samsung Trainer
Samsung's Smart Trainer aims to help users get fit in their living rooms. Source: Samsung

Samsung Smart Trainer

In the absence of being able to go to gyms in the pandemic era, Samsung has developed Smart Trainer, which allows users to get their full workout right in their living room — all the while being guided through the workout by a trainer on their massive 110-inch Samsung TV.

Samsung Smart Trainer
Samsung's fitness platform aims for a 'better normal for all.' Source: Samsung

This dive into home health seems like a natural step for Samsung, all under the theme of creating a “better normal for all.”

Samsung Jetbot AI
Samsung's new Jetbot AI+ vacuum cleaner uses LiDAR detectors. Source: Samsung

Smart vacuum cleaner, Jetbot90AI+ with LiDAR detectors

Samsung unveiled a new smart vacuum cleaner at CES2021 that incorporates an AI accompanying LiDAR detectors. This sensor and AI technology allows the vacuum to navigate and clean your home without bumping into things, allowing it to carefully avoid breakables. 

The vacuum also has a camera on it, making it more of a home-robot assistant than just a vacuum. For example, the vacuum can be used to check on pets while you’re out of the house, or monitor the home for safety.

The vacuum of course can also fully unload itself when it’s done cleaning like most of the premiere robot vacuums of today can do too. The robot will be available in the U.S. in the first half of 2021.

Samsung Bot Handy
Samsung's Bot Handy uses AI tech to streamline daily life. Source: Samsung

Samsung Bot Handy care to 'fill gaps' of daily life

Samsung took a deeper dive into futuristic robotic tech, creating a robot that can take care of you at home. A line of robots with arms and AI technology could be taking care of users at home in the future. One of the company's robots is even capable of putting away the dishes with its robotic arm.

Samsung Bot Helper
Samsung's robots are designed to fill the gaps of daily life with automation. Source: Samsung

These robots bridge the gap between smart speakers of today and the physical realm, allowing for a physical robot that moves around the house to work alongside eveyone through the day.

Galaxy Upcycling

Samsung announced an improved Galaxy Upcycling program that allows users to transform old Galaxy devices into small computers for various uses around the home. The program pairs galaxy devices with new sensors. For example, users could transform their old Galaxy devices into baby monitors, fish tank water monitors, and even more applications as hardware use cases are expanded by independent developers.