Samsung's Galaxy Fold Ready for Its U.S. Debut

Samsung is getting ready to roll out its Galaxy Fold smartphone in the U.S. this Friday.
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Samsung Galaxy Fold Samsung Galaxy Fold

Smartphone users holding out for the much-hyped Samsung Galaxy Fold will only have to wait a few more days longer.

The South Korean consumer electronics giant announced the device will hit store shelves in the U.S. on 27 September. 


Samsung says Galaxy Fold ready for prime time in U.S. 

In a press release, Samsung said the device, which marriers the functionality of both a smartphone and tablet into one form factor will be available on AT&T at select AT&T stores, as well as at select Best Buy stores and Samsung Experience Store retail locations. Best Buy and the Samsung stores will sell two versions: the AT&T device and an unlocked version that can be used on any network. It comes in Cosmos Black and Space Silver. 

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung Galaxy Fold in Cosmo Black

 "The Galaxy Fold represents the biggest leap forward in smartphone design and engineering since the first smartphones launched more than a decade ago," wrote Samsung Electronics in the press release. "Engineered with new materials and technologies, it reimagines everything you can do with a device that fits in your pocket and inspires new mobile experiences. When closed, you can access all of your apps comfortably in one hand on the cover display. When opened, you can explore new ways to multitask, watch videos, play games, and more on an immersive 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display."

Samsung said it worked with Google and its Android developer community partners to optimize hundreds of apps for the new device. Users are able to switch from the cover display to the main display without any delay in the app. For example, a user can text friends, watch a movie and read an online review all from the same screen. 

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Samsung throws in high-end customer service 

Given the price tag of nearly $2,000, Samsung has added high-end services to the phone such as the Galaxy Fold Premier Service, which gives customers the opportunity to consult with a so-called Fold Concierge who will walk the user through how to use the device from unboxing to making calls. 

Earlier in September Samsung canceled all the pre-orders for the device in the U.S. and offered its early adopters a $250 credit that could be used in a Samsung store. In an email at the time, Samsung said it was taking the time to "rethink the entire customer experience" before rolling it out in the U.S.  Samsung had originally planned to start selling the device in April but after receiving bad rewiews it went back to the drawing board.

It went on sale in Korea on 6 September, followed by France, Germany, Singapore, and the UK on 18 September. 

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