Santa Is Switching His Sleigh for Teslas in Toronto This Year

The Salvation Army is using 14 Teslas brimming with toys and books to spread some Christmas cheer this winter.
Fabienne Lang

When you think of Santa Claus dashing through the wintry air on Christmas Eve you most likely picture the jolly man sitting in his sleigh being pulled along by his trusty reindeers. This year, however, you can picture him driving a Tesla brimming with kids' toys. 

The Salvation Army in Toronto, Canada, put this charitable act together and will be distributing the toys to kids in need. 

They shared their news on Twitter, which shows 14 Teslas filled with plush toys and games.


Santa in a Tesla

As the Twitter video shared by a Toronto Salvation Army volunteer, Tesla (Cyber) Milton, states, a man called Mark put the whole idea in motion. Mark is the man in the Santa costume in the video.

All the toys were donated and will be distributed from the 14 Teslas you see in the video. 

The toys are displayed in the open front compartment of the EVs, but the volunteers also assure us that the back seats and the trunks of the cars are also full of plush toys, games, and books.

It's a wonderful gesture, and will certainly make many kids who wouldn't usually receive Christmas gifts very happy. It's ecologically friendly thanks to the Teslas, and it's a wonderful act of seasonal spirit in the lead up to Christmas. 

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army operates internationally and is an international Christian organization that first opened its doors in 1882 in Canada. It quickly spread around the world to become one of the largest non-governmental providers of social services.

Offering practical assistance to those in need, it's a wonderful organization. This Christmas-spirited toy donation is just one example of the good deeds it, and Tesla owners, carry out. 

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