Save Money and Sleep in Your Car!

Trevor English

If you're a fan of taking long road trips but don't want to spend a fortune booking every hotel stay, then you may want to check out the inflatable car mattress. While sleeping in your car may not appeal to everyone, the ability to pull over on the side of the road and take a quick nap after driving all day is a nice luxury. Fitting in almost any car with a backseat, the mattress is available from a long list of sellers through Amazon ranging from US$30 to several hundred dollars.

car inflatable mattress[Image Source: Amazon]

The inflatable backseat mattress may not fit everyone's needs but it sure beats getting bedbugs from that cheap motel. The only thing you would have to worry about is finding a safe place to park in the night.

Hotel prices have gone up in recent years and to find a nice place to stay can often run you over 100 dollars. For those looking to save money through driving, the expense of a hotel stay can often make flying the better option. With fuel prices so low across the globe, now may be the perfect time to take that next road trip and sleep in your car.

inflatable car mattress sleep travel[Image Source: Amazon]

The only downside to an inflatable mattress is actually inflating the mattress, but not to worry, your cars outlets can help save you the trouble. Many of the car mattresses come with an electric pump that will plug right into any car's cigarette lighter and most inflate in under 10 minutes. If you have a car with lay flat seats in the back, there are even larger models that can fill your whole trunk or even a truck bed.