Scientifically engineered game develops creativity in kids

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With evidence suggesting a decline in creativity over recent years Maker Monsters are looking to rekindle the fire of creativity within young people. And they're not just talking about creativity in arts but also in the technical subjects; science, math, engineering and technology.

Maker Monsters[Image Source: Maker Monsters]

"Creativity levels in kids have been decreasing every year since 1990. After hearing these disturbing reports, it has become something of a personal challenge for us here at Maker Monsters. We are on a mission to help get our kids back on the road to creativity!" says the project founder Michael Leip.

Leip is a mobile games developer who has spent time working with 3rd grade children in the classroom. It was during this time that he discovered a report called "The Creativity Crisis" which sparked the motivation to do something about it. So, he put his experience working with children together with his knowledge in mobile games development and Maker Monsters was born.

"My goal with Maker Monsters is to create a game that, in and of itself, will increase creativity, but will also inspire creative action outside the app. Aside from being a fun game, I also wanted to provide a new opportunity for parents to bond with their children and develop a climate of creativity in their home," explains Leip.

Of course he didn't do it alone and sought help and advice from world wide professionals in psychology and creativity. They have taken their vast academic knowledge of creativity and child psychology and embedded it into the heart of their game from the ground up (which comes in both iOS and Android offerings). You can be sure that the game has been backed by proven scientific research and stuffed full of fun.

maker-monsters-2[Image Source: Maker Monsters]

The Maker Monsters app is more than just a game as well. It features videos and advice for parents and teachers on how to fuel their child's creativity outside of the app and also how to not inadvertently hinder their child's creativity. It's important for parents and guardians to be a part of their child's creativity and not to obstruct it, especially when they might not even realise they're doing so.

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The project is only just beginning and in order to continue they've opted not for a Kickstarter or Indiegogo style crowdfunding campaign but merely require free support and interest. If you are interested and want to give the project a go all you have to do is sign up with your email and you'll receive a pack worth $29 completely free to get you started. They only need 2000 supporters to confirm interest so that they can progress to the next stage but if they don't get the support the project will unfortunately be scrapped.

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