Secret Netflix Codes: Unlock Hidden Netflix Categories Using These Codes

Here are the secret Netflix codes that will let you unlock hidden films and TV shows on Netflix.
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You’ve invited someone over to indulge in some Netflix (and chill if you are lucky) but as you load the homepage a cold shiver runs down your back, and the inevitable question is asked: “What should we watch?” Netflix doesn’t like you to know exactly how much content they have on offer instead preferring to get you to focus on the quality of the choices, but online guesstimates range between six and seven thousand movie titles and series to choose from.

Secret Netflix Codes: Unlock Hidden Netflix Categories Using These Codes
Source: Netflix

What to watch?

The problem definitely isn’t that there isn’t enough to watch, the question is what to watch! But we have the answer for you here. You have probably already used the categories Netflix has come up with to group films and tv shows in to help you pick something from a subcategory you like. The list includes generic genres such as thriller, romance, documentary, travel, classic etc. But they also have a lot of groupings that aren’t available on the site.

Netflix fans have now discovered these ‘secret’ groups and are offering them to you. Each code correlates to a specific grouping of films, far more specific than the groups available on the site. With the secret Netflix codes, you can now pick from film groups such as "Deep Sea Horror Movies” (45028) and “Korean Crime Thrillers” (434). You just need to add the secret Netflix codes to the end of the URL, so for a long weekend of Korean crime thrillers just head to: This can definitely help you as you search for family dramas, animal tales, western action adventure, social documentaries, slapstick comedies or any other category that wasn't provided originally. 

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As Netflix is constantly adding and removing content we suggest you keep checking in to these lists here and here to find the ultimate secret Netflix library.

Netflix or Hulu?

If you aren’t a Netflix subscriber, maybe this will be the thing to change your mind. While Netflix doesn’t have as much content as its competitor, Hulu, it still hits the top of most ‘which streaming service to choose’ lists because of its ease of use, its responsive design that suits all devices and its much-hyped original content.

Netflix to invest 8 billion on content in 2018

Netflix is set to invest 8 billion dollars on content in 2018, planning to release 80 films. The streaming service is raising capital for its content by selling bonds to investors. The return amount is unspecified but it's thought to have raised 1.6 billion dollars this way alone. The streaming market is getting increasingly crowded but Netflix aims to stay above the rest by continuing to pump cash into making some of the most popular TV shows around. Despite having raised its subscription fees in the United States and the United Kingdom recently, Netflix still enjoys growing subscription numbers. It now has 109 million customers globally, a rise of 15.5 million this year alone.

Netflix started as a DVD mail order subscription service and in 2007 started its online streaming media service. It was the first of its kind at the time but was quickly followed by competitors. Netflix is now available in 190 countries, it's easy to use, great in terms of original content and can suit all ages. 

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