Secret Rooms Built into Abandoned Manholes

In order to bring a greater awareness to those living underground, one artist has created secret rooms out of abandoned manhole structures.
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Abandoned infrastructure is growing more common as populations move and change with the time. Many landscapes that were once thriving metropolises are becoming riddled with abandoned pipelines and buildings. In Milan, it is common to find abandoned underground infrastructure that often hides large expanses of manmade caves. One artist has taken a few of the abandoned waterline access points and turned them into functional rooms all with real artwork and wall tiles. While no one is living in these secret rooms, the focus of the piece was to bring attention to the large quantity of people living underground across the globe.

manhole room with clock secret rooms [Image Source: BianCoshock]

The installations, titled Borderlife, makes otherwise forgotten spaces seem like livable areas for even just the general public. Over 600 people are forced to live underground in Bucharest alone due to extreme poverty conditions with many of the inhabitants being kids. "If some problems cannot be avoided, make them comfortable," says the artist, which is meant to be humorous yet thought-provoking. People being 'forced' to live underground should not be an issue the world faces, yet it has become more and more common for those who can't afford to do otherwise. If you put on the shoes of someone who needs shelter, yet does not want to be judged by the public, living underground offers a very good option. The question then becomes, how to help these poverty-stricken people gain more dignifying living conditions and stop living in secret.

manhole room painting [Image Source: BianCoshock]

Abandoned engineering, especially underground utilities, often leaves large expanses of unused structure and space that is either deemed unlivable or useless. As far as urban exploration goes, exploring these networks of structure and secret rooms can be a very adrenaline-filled experience.

These pieces do exactly what art is meant to do, provide enticing visuals all the while making the viewer develop deeper questions. This is one of the many places where artistry and engineering come together to form something very visually interesting. The installation features three separate rooms being a bathroom, kitchen and living room encompassing all of "life underground."

manhole room bathroom tile secret rooms [Image Source: BianCoshock]

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