See Your Favorite Scientists as Superheroes

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Animator Diego Sanches has taken the world's most famous scientists and turned them into 8-bit fighting machines! From Charles Darwin to Nikola Tesla, they're all animated and have special moves matching their most well-known discoveries. The animator designed the characters for a new game, Science Kombat, being designed by Super Interessante Magazine. Each scientist has a basic set of moves as well as 2 special attack moves.  Check them out!

Charles Darwin

The famous scientist behind the theory of evolution attacks even the most viscous of adversaries using his featured move, aptly name 'Evolution'.

Darwin Evolution[Image Source: Diego Sanches]

Albert Einstein

Most known for his theory of relativity, Albert Einstein, one of the most influential scientists to ever exist, fights his foes by being in two places at once. Rather than being super fast, the 8-bit character is able to instantaneously release an uppercut on his enemy in a different location.

Einstein Relativity Attack [Image Source: Diego Sanches]

Isaac Newton

Probably most known for discovering gravity, Newton also made significant advances in the field of optics. Using his handy prism, he unleashes the unrelenting power of the rainbow on anyone who opposes him.

Isaac Newton[Image Source: Diego Sanches]

Nikola Tesla

Tesla had quite possibly some of the coolest scientific ideas even to this day. Utilizing alternating current to power a 'teleforce death ray', we're pretty sure there isn't anything that could go up against his firepower.

Tesla laser gun superhero[Image Source: Diego Sanches]


Triangles are no match for Pythagoras who summons his mystical tetractys to make all his adversaries bow down and worship his mathematical ability.

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Pythagorus[Image Source: Diego Sanches]

Stephen Hawking

Similar to Einsteins ability to teleport through space and time, Professor Hawking has harnessed the ultimate power of wormholes. We're not really sure how the whole attack thing happens, but a wild Stephen Hawking appearing through a wormhole is probably enough to make even the toughest enemy quiver in their boots.

Stephen Hawking Wormhole superhero [Image Source: Diego Sanches]

Marie Curie

The powers of radium stand behind Marie Curie who discovered the element in 1898. Combined with some pretty awesome flipping ability, her opponents will get their fare share of radiation.

Marie Curie Radium[Image Source: Diego Sanches]

If you want to check out more of the scientist's awesome abilities, check out Diego Sanches' website for the most updated animations. For now, the game isn't available, but us here at Interesting Engineering waiting anxiously for the next announcement.

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