See How Education Changed This Man's Life

Trevor English

College education is becoming even more of a necessary attribute to a person's success in today's world. For many, the price is too high and they simply don't have enough time to go to school between jobs. Loan's seem to be the only way that a person can get a college education fast and effectively. That's exactly what Simon thought, but he got some advice that changed his life.


Injured during his time in the Royal Marines, Simon faced disappointment at his future career options. He continued on with life until one day, a friend recommended that he pursue teaching. The only problem was, he had a full time job, and no spare cash to take time off. That's when he learned about The Open University and realized he could get a degree and stay employed.

education changes man's life

With most degree plans offering no formal entry requirements, Simon decided he would take the next step and enroll in classes. In weeks Simon was already working towards his dreams of teaching students. He got personal help from tutors and even met with other students at local study groups.

One of the most appealing things about The Open University is the ability to work at your own pace and fit classes in around a busy schedule. On top of this, they offer professional education at an affordable cost that can fit into every working man or woman's schedule. The Open University prides themselves on high-quality education for people all over the world in every background you can imagine. On-campus and online classes are offered in order to accommodate everyone's needs.

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The Open University campus education

A building at The Open University Milton Keynes Campus [Image Source: The Open University]

Whether you're looking for a way to advance your career or simply get another degree, The Open University has every option you could think of.

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