See How This YouTuber Built His Own Incredible Water Wheel Generator From Scratch

Thomas Kim created an impressive hydroelectric generator with simple everyday tools while posted in the middle of wilderness.
Donovan Alexander
The photo credit line may appear like thisThomas Kim/YouTube

The wilderness can be a brutal place, unforgiving for the uninitiated. Being able to capitalize and survive off the "land" can be no easy feat, requiring a good mix of knowledge as well as technical ability. For Youtuber and inventor, Thomas Kim taking on the wilderness is an easy breeze. 


In one of his videos, the power plant electrical engineer commissioned some everyday products and tools to build a mini hydroelectric generator out in the middle of the wilderness.  

Hydro Power

In his youtube video titled, Plastic Bottle Water Wheel Generator Experiment, Kim uses empty plastic bottles and some wire to create his own hydroelectric generator. Impressively, his hydroelectric generator can power small electrical items such as a LED lamp or even charge up his iPhone. 

Creating power off the grid is an alluring romantic idea. You won't be able to power an abode with Thomas Kim's hydroelectric generator, but you could use it to start a fire and power some your other emergency tools. As you see in the video, Kim uses a wheel generator made of plastic bottles, disposable platters, a three-phase stepping motor, and rectifier circuit to create power, by properly placing the objects near a running source of water. 

Looking a the bigger picture, if you have easy access to running water this could be a fun low-cost experiment to complete on your own. This hydro-electric experiment could be an exciting way to harness your own carbon-free renewable energy to power whatever you like. Who knows maybe you could create something a little larger than Kim's wheel to power bigger pieces of hardware. It is good to mention to be careful with any type of electrical hardware near water. 

Thomas Kim  

If lost in the woods and with no source of power, Thomas Kim will take care of you. The lover of science conducts tons of experiments using daily household objects. Spend some time his Youtube channel and you might learn how to make a 555 timer laser alarm security circuit, learn how to start a fire using a coke bottle, or even discover how to construct a DC motor.

The scientific YouTuber's videos offer audiences some fun experiments that can inspire the little scientist in just about any adult. If you are interested in seeing more of his great content, be sure to stop by his youtube channel

What do you think about the Youtubers hydroelectric generator? 

Via: Inhabitat


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