See the World-Record Setting LEGO Bridge

Shelby Rogers

bridgedisplay[Image Courtesy of Matt Oliver/ICE]

This Lego bridge beats any we could've dreamed up with our childhood LEGO sets.

The 31-meter-long bridge is currently on display in the heart of London at the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) in Westminster. The exhibition, Bridge Engineering, celebrates the often-forgotten civil engineers.

bridgeconstruction3[Image Courtesy of Matt Oliver/ICE]

ICE Gold Medalist Dr. Robin Sham designed the bridge installation. It used over 250,000 individual LEGO bricks to span the length of three London buses. Its weight comes in at a whopping 1,500 lbs.

bridgeconstruction[Image Courtesy of Matt Oliver/ICE]

Dr. Sham, Global Long Span and Specialty Bridges Director at AECOM, said:

"Bridges connect people and places, both physically and emotionally. The ICE's visionary LEGO Bridge project connects civil engineers with the public, demonstrating the monumental accomplishments of civil engineering. Using familiar LEGO bricks to demystify and showcase the extraordinary feats of engineers, I hope the next generation will be inspired to consider engineering as a career."

bridgestaff[Image Courtesy of Matt Oliver/ICE]

The exhibition sends visitors on a tour of history's greatest bridges, including the Severn Bridge. Guests can also get hands-on with bridge building in the exhibits interactive sections.

Celebrating the Future Bridge Builders

Bridge Engineering kicks off the ICE's five-year program of infrastructure-focused sessions at the ICE headquarters in Westminster. The ICE said they hope to "wrap science and engineering together in a fun, informative way and to inspire the next generation of Brunels."

If you visit the exhibit, be sure to take a selfie with the bridge (or any bridge) and tag it with #BridgeSelfie to show your support. You can also follow ICE at @ice_engineers on Twitter or @institutionofcivilengineering on Facebook.

bdr[Image Courtesy of Matt Oliver/ICE]

ICE President Sir John Armitt said in a press release that he hopes everyone comes to appreicate the dedication of civil engineers to improving our world:

"Set in the international tourism spot of Parliament Square in Westminster, this exhibition space provides the built environment industry with the perfect stage to speak to the public - where we can tell the inspirational story of how infrastructure transforms people's lives. Most important of all, it is a place for the public to explore the wonders of the built world around us."

You can watch a documentary about the Bridge Engineering expedition below.

As sturdy as it looks, we definitely do not advise trying to walk across it. For more information about the exhibition, be sure to check out their website here.

Via Institution of Civil Engineers

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