Selfie Taking Is On the Rise in Europe

A UK smartphone company surveyed Europeans about their selfie habits and found they are doing it more than ever before.
Donna Fuscaldo

Vanity is clearly in as we head into 2020, with smartphone brand HONOR finding Europeans are taking more selfies than ever before.

UK-based HONOR polled 5,750 Europeans on their selfy behavior finding they take an average 597 selfies a year. Spain took the most selfies, with an average of 728 each year. Italy was in second place with 718 while Germany rounded out the top three with 588 selfies taken.

People in France take an average of 562 selfies each year, while that drops to 520 in the Netherlands. People in the UK were the least vain, keeping the selfie-taking to 468 on average.


Men take more selfies than women 

In the UK and Netherlands men outpace women in the number of selfies they take, with males taking 11 selfies each week compared to the 9 for women. The pace of selfie-taking is only expected to quicken in 2020 and beyond.

HONOR pointed out that people between the ages of 16 and 29 take 16% more photos on their smartphones than people over the age of 30. That implies the next generation will be avid image takers as well. 

With all this selfie-taking going on it begs the question: what are people doing with their selfies?

According to HONOR close to 45% are sharing them with friends and family on social media. The survey found people labor over whether or not to post the selfie for a good twenty-six minutes. 

Filter free selfies trending 

Among the selfie trends as we head into the New Year, HONOR found people in Europe are posting more authenticate content, pushing back from the use of filters to meet unrealistic beauty standards.

The survey revealed 63% of respondents between the ages of 16 and 29 are taking natural selfies while in Spain 73% of people have joined the #NoFilter trend. Italians are also on board with 71% signaling they don't use selfie filters and 68% in France saying the same thing. 

Selfies are also getting more personal, with people sharing the good, the bad and ugly. "The ‘sweaty post-workout’ selfie, ‘cuddling my pet’, ‘in bed with my partner’ and ‘just got out of bed’ selfies have all gained traction in 2019, highlighting a shift towards posting our daily highs and lows, rather than just our ‘highlights reel’," wrote HONOR in a press release highlighting the survey results. 

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