Artist Duo Creates Shadow Sculptures Using Trash and Dead Animals

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British artist duo Tim Noble and Sue Webster are using extraordinary materials to create entirely new compositions formed as a combination of shadow, light, and trash.

The Gamekeeper's Gibbet sculptures don't just use any trash. It uses dead animal carcasses as well.

the-gamekeepers-gibbet-wild_mood_swings[Image source: Tim Noble and Sue Webster]

"The art of projection is emblematic of transformative art. The process of transformation, from discarded waste, scrap metal or even taxidermy creatures to a recognizable image, echoes the idea of 'perceptual psychology' a form of evaluation used for psychological patients. Noble and Webster are familiar with this process and how people evaluate abstract forms. Throughout their careers they have played with the idea of how humans perceive abstract images and define them with meaning. The result is surprising and powerful as it redefines how abstract forms can transform into figurative ones."

the-gamekeepers-gibbet-youngman[Image source: Tim Noble and Sue Webster]

The duo is mostly known for their works containing these mind-blowing light and shadow sculptures made by trash.

But this one is slightly different.

Noble and Webster created their new art pieces by dead birds, animal bones, naturally mummified squirrels, discarded wood, frogs, cigarette packets, and dozens of trash items they found.

the-gamekeepers-gibbet-nasty_pieces_of_work[Image source: Tim Noble and Sue Webster]

According to them, the genesis of the project was a row of dead squirrels they found while walking in the countryside.

“Everything is useful. A walk in the countryside is no different from a walk through the streets of London. There are always plenty of dead animals and bones to collect, which we affectionately refer to as our ‘country trash” Ms. Webster said in her interview.

the-gamekeepers-gibbet-she_2004_shad1[Image source: Tim Noble and Sue Webster]

In their twenty-year career, the Tim Noble and Sue Webster have created an astonishing group of anti-monuments by mixing the strategies of punk style to make art from anti-art and modern sculpture. Their works focus on form and anti-form, a fusion of opposites, male and female, high culture and anti-culture, sex and violence, and craft and rubbish.

the-gamekeepers-gibbet-gibbet_1706[Image source: Tim Noble and Sue Webster]

"Parallel to their shadow investigations, Noble and Webster have created a series of light sculptures that reference iconic pop culture symbols represented in the form of shop-front-type signage and carnival shows inherent of British seaside towns, Las Vegas and Times Square. With the aid of complex light sequencing these signs perpetually flash and spiral out messages of everlasting love, and hate."

the-gamekeepers-gibbet-he_2004_shad1[Image source: Tim Noble and Sue Webster]

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If you like to see their works, check their website to see the collections and exhibitions, and see how light, perspective and trash are becomes to fascinating art pieces here.

Via: Tim Noble and Sue Webster

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