Sheep Sells for a World Record Price in Scotland Auction

The six-month-old lamb's worth was set through a heated race.
Deniz Yildiran

You may have heard of second-hand houses, cars, or odd antiques auctioned for extravagant prices to those who fancy such things. But it might be a bit rare to auction a sheep. However, that's what's happened in Scotland recently. 

The texel called Double Diamond, a breed of sheep indigenous to Texel Island in the Netherlands was under the spotlight in Scottish National Texel sale at Lanark.

A new record after 11 years

One of the plain golden-colored sheep's enthusiasts Jeff Aiken has bid the highest price in competition with two other breeders. Double Diamond was sold by Charlie Boden, who owns the Sportsmans flock in Cheshire of 350,000 guineas, which has a total worth of 490,000 US dollars. 


“It’s just like every other business – horse racing or the cattle business,” Aiken explained. “Every once in a while something special comes along and yesterday an extra special Texel turned up. Everyone wanted a piece of it.”

Back in 2009, the previous record was set at 230,000 pounds for a sheep, an amount equaled to 307,000 US dollars back then.   

Sheep Sells for a World Record Price in Scotland Auction
Source: Texel Sheep Society

High competition, one winner

“It was more nerve-racking than excitement,” Aiken told The Guardian. “We knew it was going to be something really special. He was just an outstanding animal, backed up by all the best genetics. There were about seven or eight people who really, really wanted him and that’s what led to the price.” However, Aiken's plan was definitely to bring the 6-month-old on his farm, where he already breeds Texels.

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Double Diamond was bought by the breeders to put out to stud, hence the name. Reportedly, the ownership of the sheep will be shared among Aiken and the other two partners. When he gets older and loses its ability to reproduce, his sperm is planned to be collected for artificial insemination.

As seen in the pictures, the sheep is in perfect health. Even though the price is super high, this beautiful creature gives the buyers a second thought with its looks. 

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