Sky Garden is highest public garden in London

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The Sky Garden recently opened at 20 Fenchurch Street in London and it is claimed to be the highest public garden in London. The garden spreads out over three of the top floors of a building and offers breath taking views out over London of 360 degrees.


[Image Source: Sky Garden]

The designer behind the Sky Garden is Rafael Vinoly Architects and the building is known affectionately as the Walkie Talkie. This is down to the fact that it has a curved design that is top heavy and leaves it resembling old school walkie talkies. During the construction of the building it was in the headlines for all the wrong reasons when it was said to have been responsible for melting a car parked close to the building. More recently it has been in the headlines for all the right reasons though, the views offered from the uppermost floors.


[Image Source: Sky Garden]

The Sky Garden is situated under a glass dome, with the garden being across three floors and featuring a large open atrium. This is where the designers installed a bar, there is also an outside balcony and this is where you can get some of the best views out across London. The garden is also home to two restaurants and at the sides of the space there are two large planted terraces that rise up. Along with being a patron to the bar and restaurants it is also possible to book a slot to visit the terraces free of charge.


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The Sky Garden terraces were professionally landscaped by Gillespies and installed by Willerby Landscapes and was designed with the environment and light offered by the gardens. Different regions of the garden have different themes, including the prehistoric forest which has been planted with fig trees and ferns. There is a mountain ravine section home to flowers from South Africa and Mediterranean. A few of the many species of flowers included the Red Hot Poker, Bird of Paradise and the African Lily, while other parts of the garden have herbs such as Rosemary and Lavender.

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[Image Source: Sky Garden]

There is a huge window in the atrium that faces south offering views out over the Shard and River Thames and if you continue walking clockwise views include the London Eye and St Pauls Cathedral. On the east of the building visitors are treated to aerial views of the Tower Bridge and Tower of London, while the Canary Wharf can be seen in the distance.



[Image Source: Sky Garden]

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