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Alex Shirley-Smith, tree house architect, had a vision back in 2010. He wanted to offer people the chance to hang out and sleep in a tree and with this in mind he came up with Tentsile. Tentsile is a suspended tree house that is portable and can be taken anywhere you decide to travel.


[Image Source: Tentstile]

People get the best of both worlds with Tentsile, it offers the versatility that hammocks are known for, comfort being one, and at the same time provides the security of a tent that more than one can occupy.


[Image Source: Tentstile]

The main structure of the hanging tree house is made from material that is waterproof along with being resistant to UVs. The tree house tent structure comprises of an adjustable frame of webbing straps, with the webbing frame being held in tension at three anchor points which are ratcheted tight, while the flooring straps divide the space into individual hammocks. The roof of the tent is made of mesh so it offers those inside get a view of their surroundings and comes complete with opening doors. There is also a rain fly sheet that can cover the tent if needed.


[Image Source: Tentstile]

The Tentsile is the perfect answer to setting up a campsite if the region you are in is strewn with rocks or is muddy, as you are not on the ground, but strung in the trees. This also means that you are away from bugs on the ground, including snakes and larger creatures. However in camping regions where there are no trees, the tent can be used on the ground, just like any other normal tent, minus the magical feeling that you get when suspended above ground in trees of course.


[Image Source: Tentstile]

The product began life in March 2012 when forums began featuring the Tentsile, where it was highly praised as a 21st century innovation. When it was revealed on TV in the UK it became an overnight sensation. In March 2013 following a year of prototypes the first production tent, the Tentsile Stingray, was produced and was the first tree house tent that was back-packable. By November 2013 the first ever tree-top eco settlement had been created with seven Stingray tents in a rain forest in Fiji.


[Image Source: Tentstile]

The Tentsile Eco village is located in northern Fiji and is one of the best introductions to tree top living. The village is situated on a private beach and gets its produce from its own organic farm. Here visitors stay in tree pods right on the edge of the beach, which is a two mile stretch of sand. It is the ultimate in connecting with nature in a unique setting and in unique accommodation.


[Image Source: Tentstile]

While the Tentsile Eco village was the first to offer a stay among the trees, other camps have now been set up, including one in Finland and the Rainbow Lodge in Cambodia. The Stingray tree house tent can be purchased for $749 and the Connect tree tent has a price tag of $599.


[Image Source: Tentstile]


[Image Source: Tentstile]


[Image Source: Tentstile]


[Image Source: Tentstile]


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