Sleep on a River in This Unique Hotel Room in Bali

The Udang Shrimp House room located at the Bambu Indah hotel which is in Bali, is one of the most unique hotel rooms in the world as it has a glass floor
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The Udang Shrimp House room located at the Bambu Indah hotel which is in Bali is one of the most unique hotel rooms in the world as it has a glass floor over a fresh shrimp pond. The Bali hotel was built in 2007 by John Hardy and his wife; they had previously transformed 11 antique bridal homes into eco-friendly rooms during 2005.

This hotel room is not one that you will soon forget as it offers a stunning view down into a blue pond that ripples, situated beneath the feet of guests, instead of the traditional wooden floor or tiled. The entire floor is made of glass timbered panels over the shrimp pond below. The suite is absolutely stunning, from the four poster bed with traditional mosquito net in the middle of the suite to the fishing net and rustic wooden boat paddle at the bottom of the bed.

The suite has its own private open-air shower so that guests are able to bathe out in open and enjoy being at one with nature.

The pair transformed the homes that are over a century old into beautiful guest homes that offer inspiration from Indonesia and its history and is situated among stunning vegetation and swaying palm trees.

article-2645192-1E60DEBA00000578-8_964x640[Image Source: Bambu Indah Hotel]

Guests reach the reception area, designed in traditional bamboo, across a stepping stone pathway. While the resort and suite has been designed to look like rustic classic homes in Bali, they do offer all the luxuries and services that you would find in any of the luxury boutique hotels in Bali.

article-2645192-1E60DEA700000578-896_470x616[Image Source: Bambu Indah Hotel]

Bambu Indah in Balinese means beautiful bamboo and the resort is situated very close to Ubud, which is situated amongst rice paddies and ravines that drop steeply into the foothills of Gianyar regency.

article-2645192-1E60DEDF00000578-335_964x679[Image Source: Bambu Indah Hotel]

This intimate resort and unique hotel room fits right in with the beautiful surroundings and offers stunning views of the cascades of the Ayung River along with a Hindu temple and Mount Batu Kau, along with other volcanic ridges.

article-2645192-1E60DED800000578-963_470x616[Image Source: Bambu Indah Hotel]

Guests have their own one room cottages which have been carved out of teak, all with reception areas that are designed in bamboo. At stay at this unique resort starts from $200 per night and goes up to $495 for the suites.

There is no better way to wake up in the morning than enjoying an intimate relaxing breakfast on the teak porch of the suites.
article-2645192-1E60DEA300000578-947_964x633[Image Source: Bambu Indah Hotel]


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