Smallest car with the most ridiculous sound system

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One of the smallest cars on the road is the Smart Fortwo. While it may be the smallest car thanks to JBL it has been packed full of the biggest audio and most ridiculous audio equipment, not to mention the loudest. A one of a kind Forgigs concept provides a maximum output of 5, 720 W and 150dB on this huge sound system.


[Image Source: Daimler]

Smart said that they created the Forgigs so that they could find out what type of sound experience was possible and they said that it could become a concert hall with wheels or perhaps used as a mobile amplifier for street musicians. Smart said that they used the most powerful and the finest audio components in the system. The system comprises of 16 speakers, 5 amplifiers and two 30cm in diameter subwoofers.


[Image Source: Daimler]

The vehicle comes with three JBL GTO 804 EZ amps for the tweeters along with the mid-range speakers, while the mid-range speakers have been fitted into the doors of the car along with the dashboard. Fitted into either side of the tailgate is a pair of mid-range speakers and tweeters. Powering the subwoofers are two JBL GTO 751 EZ amps and these have been located in the luggage compartment.

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[Image Source: Daimler]

The sound system also uses a Mosconi digital signal processor and it outputs via eight channels. The system can also stream digital music from Android, iOS and Windows devices through Bluetooth.


[Image Source: Daimler]

Around 100m of cable has been used along with 10 square meters of insulating materials to install the sound system.


[Image Source: Daimler]

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