Smart Monkey Uses Nut-Cracking Stone to Try to Break out of the Zoo

Seemingly, it's not only the penguins from the movie 'Madagascar' who try to escape their zoo enclosures.
Fabienne Lang

Prison break attempts happen in the 'human' world and on-screen a lot, but what you don't hear a lot about: animals trying to break out of their zoo enclosures. 

That's what a little capuchin monkey in Zhengzhou Zoo tried.


What happened at Zhengzhou Zoo?

Visitors at the zoo, located in Central Henan province in China, were amused on August 20th, as they watched a white-faced Colombian capuchin monkey use a rock to repeatedly bash against its glass pane enclosure. 

What they were even more amused about was when the glass smashed into pieces, cracking into a million pieces, but remaining attached to the window pane through its reinforcements. 

To say the monkey was surprised may be an understatement, as the video depicting the moment shows him scurrying off rapidly after seeing what he's done. 

The zookeepers have stated that this particular unnamed monkey is smarter than its counterparts as it's the only one in its enclosure to use rocks to crack open walnuts. Capuchin monkeys are actually known to use stones as tools to feed themselves. This same type of nut-cracking stone was its tool of choice to bang against the glass pane. 

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Unfortunately for this walnut-cracking monkey, the enclosure has now been swept clean of rocks after the incident. 

Monkeys are intelligent creatures and who knows what other contraptions this one may find to entertain itself further, and perhaps plan a successful escape! 

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