Smartphone of the Future

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At present we are watching something like “the war of the smartphones” which started in a few years ago and main “enemies” are Apple and Samsung, with several smaller companies trying to compete in this area. Although it is questionable exactly how “smart” these phones are, year after year we see new, upgraded models which are supposed to be better than the previous ones and than the competition, according to each manufacturer.

nexusae0_phonebloks_thumb1[Image Source: Phone Blocks]

So, what do we get when we buy a smartphone? Large touchscreen, OS with many apps on it, eventually a camera and a battery that have to be recharged every day or two. And, as we stated above, in a year or two arrives “better”, improved version, so you might be seduced to throw away your old smartphone and buy the latest one.

phonebloks-640x353[Image Source: Phone Blocks]

But what if… your smartphone is fully customizable and you’re able to choose which component to upgrade or replace a broken component? Such concept called Phonebloks is developed theoretically by Dave Hakken from Netherlands. The concept is explained in a YouTube video and has a page in Thunderclap, it also has a website. From the video we see that the project consists of three parts: a screen at the front which is lying on a base, something like a motherboard of a PC, and final layer of several compartments such as processor, battery, memory slot, camera, etc. Screen could be one of several types which could be easily interchanged with one another. Compartments on the “back” layer also could be easily interchanged, so the only permanent compartment of such smartphone remains the motherboard.

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