Snap Unveils Limited Edition Gucci X Spectacles

Director uses Spectacle 3 AR glasses to record a short film.
Donna Fuscaldo

Aiming to boost demand for the latest iteration of its Spectacles AR glasses, Snap teamed up with film director Harmony Korine and fashion designer Gucci to launch a short film and limited edition of its AR glasses. 

Announced earlier Thursday (5 December), the maker of disappearing messaging app SnapChat unveiled the film Duck Duck by Korine, which uses the Spectacles 3 AR glasses to explore storytelling in 3D.


SNAP's  New Spectacles boast dual HD cameras 

The Spectacles 3, which Snap unveiled in November, has dual HD cameras to capture 3D photos and videos. 

The director, who is known for movies including Kids, Spring Breakers and Beach Bum used Spectacles 3 to transform Miami into an AR reality in the film. 

Spectacles 3 is a completely unique format that shifted my perspective on film, narrative, what’s animated and what’s real,” said Korine said in a press release discussing the collaboration. “By combining a first-person point of view and 3D Effects, the sunglasses inhabit their own hyper-personal universe, and helped inspire the multi-sensory experience of Duck Duck - like you can walk into this world when you watch it.”

As part of the collaboration Korine and Gucci, which have a long-standing relationship, teamed up to create limited edition Spectacles x Gucci by Harmony Korine. The film and the limited edition Spectacles will debut during the Art Basel in Miami Beach that runs through 8 December. The film can also be viewed at

Gucci Spectacles
Snap's limited-edition Gucci Spectacles. Source: Snap
Side view of Spectacles
Side view of Gucci Spectacles. Source: Snap

Will Spectacles ever take off? 

It's not clear how much Snap will sell the Gucci Spectacles for and whether or not it will take off with the masses. While Snap has been trying to grow its AR hardware business, its glasses have failed to be a must-have product. Being able to film a short video with the glasses is novel, but it's not clear if that is the killer use case Snap needs. 

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Either way, watching the making of the film is equally as entertaining as the film itself. 

 Both Harmony Korine and Spectacles are helping push the boundaries of immersive storytelling,” said Steen Strand, Director of Hardware, Spectacles said in the press release. “With the ability to capture depth like your own two eyes, Spectacles 3 brings Harmony Korine’s unique vision for Duck Duck to life, showing how this new technology can inform the future of creative storytelling.”

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