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Fiilis - Lainio Snowvillage cropped[Image Source: Snow Village]

Nearly 200km above the Arctic Circle lies an area inhabitated by  snow and ice constructions and sculptures. The Snow Village consists of 3 main parts, a SnowHotel where you can sleep, an IceBar which has the function of a restaurant too, and an igloo disco where drinks are served in ice glasses. All around the place are positioned artistic ice sculptures. The village is located in Finnish Lapland, very close to Ylläs and Levi ski-resorts and near the international airport of Kittilä.

105321_Lainio_DSC_0117[Image Source: Snow Village]

The Snow Village in Finland normally starts functioning in December and last overnight reservations are taken till the beginning of April, after which Snow Village operates as long as the weather allows it.

105341_Lainio_DSCF1606_1[Image Source: Snow Village]

For the winter season 2012-2013 the Snow Village was built for 12th time. Normally the  construction begins when the temperature gets low enough, which is -10 degrees Celsius. That means at the end of October or the beginning of November. Approximately 1,5 tons of snow and 300 tons of natural ice are used for the construction.

105344_Lainio_DSCF1672_1[Image Source: Snow Village]

The Snow Village offers 30 rooms for sleeping, all made of ice and snow. The indoor temperature of each room remains always between -2 and -5 Celsius degrees, regardless of the outside temperature.
For wedding couples Snow Village offers some options for ceremony and celebration. Couples can choose between an ice chapel with furnishings made of ice and a traditional wooden chapel. It will be unforgettable for sure, but how romantic is to freeze on your wedding day...

filename-chapel-jpg-thumbnail0[Image Source: Snow Village]

snow-village[Image Source: Snow Village]

Lainio_Snow_Village_3[Image Source: Snow Village]

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