A soccer club's smart scarf tracks how fans feel during a match

Keep the cold away and track data at the same time.
Deniz Yildiran
Football fans wearing The Connected Scarf.
Football fans wearing The Connected Scarf.Manchester City FC
  • British soccer club Manchester City has created a smart scarf to measure fans' reactions during games.
  • The club collaborated with Cisco to deepen its connections with fans.
  • Called "The Connected Scarf," the product uses bio sensor to track the body's bio-signals.

In a bid to bring together technology and football fans this time, Manchester City, an English soccer club, has made a smart scarf to measure its fans' reactions during games.

The soccer club partnered up with Cisco, an American technology conglomerate corporation, and created a new kind of wearable called The Connected Scarf, which will help track the physiological reactions of fans and allow the club to form a deeper connection with them.

The smart scarf will be, well, unsurprisingly, wrapped around the individual's neck and will utilize an EmotiBit bio sensor to capture the body’s bio-signals. Keeping track of different physiological measures such as heart rate, body temperature, and emotional responses, the scarf will provide data on how fans feel during different moments throughout a game.

Already tested by lifelong Manchester City fans

Manchester City has already had six life-long fans participate in a pilot program to test out the product and captured over 120 moments of excitement during a 90-minutes game -- joy, nervousness, tension, and more.

"In our work with City over the past few years, we've continuously looked for ways to connect fans to the sport they love, on another level," Ashley Marusak told Reuters, the Global Sports Marketing Manager for Cisco.

"The Connected Scarf is an exciting project for us to pilot together, as we seek to better understand and measure the ups and downs of football fandom and how the game impacts supporters not only emotionally but physically as well," she continued.