Some of the Coolest Nominations for 2020 James Dyson Award

The international design award has an impressive list of entries this year.
Fabienne Lang
Two of this year's entries and national winnersJames Dyson Award

The world would be a different, and better, place if it was run by the inventions and designs presented at the James Dyson Award

The international design award celebrates, encourages, and aims to inspire the future design engineers of our planet. This year, the entries have been truly inspiring, with the national and international winners having been announced.

We'll have to wait with bated breath until the ultimate winner is announced.


Budding students of the future

Young inventors are part of the future of our functioning planet. So to get these budding minds into action, the James Dyson Foundation created the international James Dyson Award in 2005. This year's award includes, for the first time ever, a sustainability winner from the top 20 shortlist, as well as an overall winner.

By winning, and even just entering, people become inventors. They get a chance of winning prize money and the associated title that comes from the James Dyson Award as well as the strong media coverage and attention that undoubtedly boosts them in their budding careers. 

The task is simple: "Design something that solves a problem," as per the award's own words

Think clever yet simple ideas—something's that very much in line with James Dyson's own company's ethos.

"Young design engineers have the ability to create tangible technology that can change lives. The James Dyson Award rewards those who have the tenacity and determination to develop their ideas," said Dyson himself. 

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This year's entries are fascinating, and very much in line with the 'simple yet clever' mantra.

Some of the national winners and international top 20 list include: Lift from Germany, an elegant and unique walking aid that does more than a walking stick. Econooc from Ireland, which is a conservation beehive made from repurposed and sustainable materials that is created to rewild Irish black bees. And there's Syrinx from Japan, which is a wearable device that restores your voice from the past for people who had to have their voice box removed due to cancer.

The impressive list carries on, and every invention makes your jaw drop and your eyes pop in wonder at the sheer brilliance of them. How Dyson will choose just two winners is beyond us.

Take a look at last year's winner from England who created a biodegradable material from fish waste to replace plastic.

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