The metal barrel homes of the Polar Circle

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0_d570c_d15ebebb_XXL[Image Source: EnglishRussia]

 People have made houses out of all metal barrels in the Polar Circle. It seems that they were used by the army and civilians found that it was necessary to make homes out of them for the short term. Some of these houses are on Graham Bell Island, which is located at 80.8663889°N 64.2891667°E in the Franz Josef Archipelago, in Russia.

0_d56df_284e1a6c_XXL[Image Source: EnglishRussia]

There is even a plaque standing that gives information in Russian about when and where the particular house was built.

0_d56fd_59f2cf1_XXL[Image Source: EnglishRussia]

All of the temporary homes were made from the cylindrical shaped metal blocks and so all of them take on the same appearance, along the lines of what you would expect to see from a row of terraced homes in modern day London, all the same size, shape and construction.


[Image Source: EnglishRussia]

The residents of the temporary homes filled their home with equipment such as tables, toilets and beds that folded to make the most of the small space.

0_d5709_54e8497c_XXL[Image Source: EnglishRussia]

As you would expect, during times of war and even during times of peace, the homes were not designed to offer all the typical comforts that you would expect of a home. There was no heating and so it wasn't unusual for the temperatures inside the homes to fall below -20 centigrade, possibly more when strong winds got up.

0_d5708_4503e242_XXL[Image Source: EnglishRussia]

As you can see from this picture, it looks like the home was abandoned rather quickly.