Sony Debuts Airpeak AI Drone, Reviews PS5 Success at CES 2021

Sony debuted its Airpeak drone, which uses 'AI robotics' to provide unprecedented versatility.
Brad Bergan

Sony has remained a top participant at the CES event for decades, and after a relatively muted display in 2020, we're set for a wave-making comeback from the PS5 manufacturer — as the company's live demo of new product debuts begins on the CES website on Monday, at 5:00 PM EST.


UPDATE Jan. 11, 5:20 PM EST: XR Processor, Bravia TVs, core, comes with iMax enhancement

Sony also reviewed the XR Procesor that comes with Bravia TVs, which also uses Bravia core, which also comes with iMax enhanced up to 80 MBs per second.

The Brava XR TV series comes in five different models — the X90J, X95J, the X93J, A90J, and the A00J 4K. There's also a Z9J 8K master series, according to Gizmochina.

Sony Airpeak Snowy Forest
Sony's Airpeak looks ideal for camoflauge purposes. Source: Sony

UPDATE Jan. 11, 5:15 PM EST: Sony's Airpeak likely in mid- to high-end price range, with AI

The drone itself is the product of Sony's work in the field of "AI robotics," and is designed both for "video creators," and "various industries." In other words, Sony's Airpeak might have unprecedented versatility as a multi-purpose drone in the aerial photography and videography spaces.

The Sony Airpeak is slated to launch in Spring 2021, and since Sony refers to it as a project, and not a product, there will likely be additional developments added to the drone before it goes on sale.

As for the price, Sony's inclusion of AI in the drone will likely place it in the mid- to high-end range — between $450 and $1,599 (the latter of which was DJI Mavic 2 Pro's asking price). Of course, this is just speculation, but from the original Playstation to its forthcoming Vision S, Sony rarely leaves big shoes unfilled.

Sony Airpeak AI Camera
The Airpeak is Sony's latest in the 'AI robotics' space. Source: Sony

UPDATE Jan. 11, 5:03 PM EST: Sony debuts Airpeak, new drone with AI, tracks with moving objects

Sony unveiled a drone — called Airpeak — that uses AI and video interface to track movement on the fly. It looks extremely futuristic and appears to keep up with Sony's Vision S vehicle — debuted last year.

Rumors of Sony's newly-unveiled drone grew for a couple of years before its Monday debut, and the Airpeak was formally announced in November 2020.

Sony will have a lot of ground to cover to catch up with DJI and Skydio — but considering Sony's record, this could be a perfect time for the Tokyo, Japan-based company.

Sony to debut as-yet-unnamed products, PS5 news

Sony's presentation runs for 30 minutes, and since the entire presentation is online-only, no one will have a problem tuning in — provided the reader can access Sony Square, where additional downloadable content will be available.

It remains to be seen what Sony will unveil at CES 2021. Last year the company debuted the PS5 logo — and considering the popularity of the new console, we'll likely hear commentary on one of the most advanced gaming consoles ever made.

This is developing news about Sony's CES 2021 show, where announcements are likely coming, so be sure to tune in here for the latest updates.


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