Sony Launches PS4 Bug Bounty Program with Rewards of $50,000 or More

The company officially launched its PlayStation 4 Bug Bounty program on Wednesday.
Fabienne Lang

Sony wants to know what bugs revolve around its PlayStation 4 or PlayStation Network. So if you think you've figured out a way to make the game run code in a way it shouldn't, you should get in touch with Sony. 

On Wednesday, Sony announced it had officially launched its PlayStation Bug Bounty program, which will pay researchers to share newly discovered bugs and exploits that impact the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation Network systems. 

You could get a reward of $50,000 or maybe even more for your discovery. 


Specific bugs

Sony has been straightforward about which bugs it's specifically looking to 'kill'. Essentially anything that impacts "the PlayStation 4 system, operating system, accessories," in its current and/or beta form, or that hurts any of its PlayStation Network domains or APIs. 

For anyone who discovers bugs in the PlayStation Network, the base bounties will lie between $100 - $3,000 or more depending on the actual severity. Whereas critical bugs within the PS4 itself will pay out $50,000 or more

There's a specific focus on the PS4 for this job, so there's no need to try and figure out any bugs in older models. 

In its announcement, Sony mentioned it had in fact been running the program quietly with a small number of researchers for a while now, but that it was making it public as of now. So, anyone with the skill and interest can take a look and find out more details about the program here

So far, as per the program's HackerOne page, Sony has paid out more than $170,000 to researchers, with the average bounty amounting to $400

They're not the only ones to do so, Microsoft launched a similar program for its Xbox Live earlier this year.

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